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Bob's Backgammon 2 and 3 Special Combined Offer

Now you can get our most up-to-date Windows game for less than the upgrade will cost -- and then get the upgrade free!

Bob's Backgammon 3 will be released at $39.95. But, if you download Bob's Backgammon 2 for Windows now for only $29.95, you can get your FREE copy of Bob's Backgammon 3 as soon as it is released.

We are giving you this great deal on Bob's Backgammon 2 to spread the word about this site and our game before the release of Bob's Backgammon 3, which is now scheduled to come out of the lab on February 21.

Bob's Backgammon 2 plays an excellent game of backgammon. But Bob's Backgammon 3 will be guided by a brand new, completely redesigned artificial intelligence which should make it among the strongest backgammon players on the planet. (Don't worry -- "strong player" doesn't mean merciless. Bob's Backgammon 3 will have at least 12 levels of play, including the 7 current levels from Clueless to Master.)

Bob's Backgammon 2 has an attractive ray-traced board, an improved, easy to use user interface, music and sound effects. It's easy to learn, easy to play, and hard to beat, and we believe playing it will improve your play.

Spider's Eye View Bob's Backgammon 3 will be even better, with improvements in all of these areas.

With Bob's Backgammon 3 coming soon, we knew we had to create an attractive offer for Bob's Backgammon 2. We hope you'll agree that our plan will allow you to have the best of both.

So once more, here's the deal. Buy Bob's Backgammon 2 now for only $29.95. Then download your FREE copy of Bob's Backgammon 3 as soon as it is released. (We will email you to let you know as soon as it is available.)

But don't wait! This is a temporary offer. Remember, the price of Bob's Backgammon will go up to $39.95 when Bob's Backgammon 3 is released.

Order now using our secure server. You will need approximately 6 megabytes to download and install Bob's Backgammon.