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In future months Silicon Highlands Bookstore will highlight our best book recommendations for backgammon, other games, and many more subjects. Bookmark this page and come back frequently as we pick more of the best of's inventory of over two million titles!

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This month Silicon Highlands, in association with, features the bestselling backgammon titles.

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Backgammon Bestsellers

  • 1. Backgammon for Winners ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
    Bill Robertie / Paperback / Published Nov. 1995
    The number one backgammon bestseller by a backgammon world champion--what else can we say? Accessible by beginners but recommended for players at all levels.

    2. Backgammon for Serious Players ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
    Bill Robertie / Paperback / Published Feb 1997
    As the title suggests, Robertie's follow-up to Backgammon for Winners is aimed at intermediate players as well as novices who have read the previous book.

    3. Backgammon ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
    Paul Magriel / Paperback / Published November 1985
    Expensive, and until recently, hard to obtain, but many expert players regard this as the most important and useful backgammon book ever written.

    4. Winning Backgammon ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
    John Leet / Paperback / Published May 1998
    Click on the title to see the author's own comments!

    5. 501 Essential Backgammon Problems
    Bill Robertie / Paperback / coming in May--pre-order now!
    We're looking forward to this new book by the author of the number one and two bestsellers. (Not yet published but may be pre-ordered now)

    6. Backgammon (Teach Yourself Books) ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
    Robin A. Clay / Paperback / Published August 1993
    Clay also wrote Backgammon: Winning Strategies listed at number 8.

    7. Win at Backgammon ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
    Millard Fillmore Hopper / Paperback / Published March 1975
    Not the most up-to-date, but at less than $4.00 the price can't be beat!

    8. Backgammon : Winning Strategies ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
    Robin Clay / Paperback / Published Dec. 1996

    9. Amazing Book of Backgammon
    John Treamaine / Hardcover / Published April 1996

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