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Dr. Jam Play It Again, Jam! Dr. Jam -- the unbelievable MIDI music performance software from Silicon Highlands for Microsoft Windows -- is back at a new low price!

The Doctor Himself Need to add another instrument to your band? Want to experiment with different sounds, or create music for your own programs? Then try Dr. Jam! It turns your PC into four new musical instruments.

"Tired of playing games on your PC? Dr. Jam could be more fun, at least for those with a fundamental knowledge of music." -- Keyboard Magazine

Grab chunks of music, mix 'em up, and get COOKIN'!

More than just a software drum machine, Dr. Jam is four virtual musical instruments in one. And each of the four players can solo or play together in varying combinations:

Picker -- Computer keys represent different chords played in the style of a finger-picking guitarist. We include many customizable rhythms--and tell you how to create your own. A great way to generate flowing accompaniments to voice or other instruments!

Strummer -- One hand chooses the chords while the other hand strums. Computer keys are assigned to extended chords or scales, and mouse movements determine when and which notes from those chords are played.

Jammer -- Computer keys can be assigned to play a full chord, with up to eight notes distributed anywhere over five octaves. Anyone can play fast changes between difficult chords that even an expert would be unable to play on a normal keyboard or guitar.

Drummer -- Dr. Jam's most popular feature; a drum machine in software! Choose from preset drum rhythms or create your own. Switch between drum parts with just a single keystroke.

Sound complicated? Don't worry. It's easier to play than to explain--and easy to learn, too! Just choose one (or more!) of the four players, experiment with mouse moves and key presses, and let Dr. Jam do most of the work.

Dr. Jam Screen

Bring out the best in your sound card or MIDI instrument! Select from the full array of 128 MIDI instruments, plus percussion.

"Dr. Jam can be used as a practice aid, as well as for education, experimentation, composition...or just plain fun." -- Keyboard Magazine

Use Dr. Jam to perform, improvise, or just noodle. You don't have to be a sophisticated PC user or have professional musical training; Dr. Jam is simple enough, and powerful enough, for new and experienced jammers alike.

Have to hear it to believe it? Listen to a few examples!

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